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What Clients Are Saying

"I lost 25lbs in our cut. I am able to go out with friends and family without anxiety. I'm a transformed person inside and out. The new physique is the cherry on top."


"I did not picture how much this would change my life. This program has given me a better relationship with food, more energy, & more confidence."


"I lost 12lbs in 10 weeks, and hit PRs for several upper and lower body exercises. My confidence has grown so much. Without a plan that is optimized to you you'll fail to see the results you expect."


"I've been around this space for a long time and worked with lots of coaches and I can honestly say working with you was the best and most beneficial experience I've had."


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Who Is Paul Clingan

Paul is a fitness coach from Seattle. Playing D1 Baseball, he knows all about being an athlete & losing your identity. He has worked for companies like lululemon, Barry's Bootcamp, & Corepower Yoga. In 2018, he created his own coaching business, rediscovered his passion for competition, & has helped hundreds of clients using his E4 Fit Method.

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