6 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym

training Sep 20, 2021
Can you see results working out at home? With gyms being shut down across the country, a concern for a lot of people is whether or not they can see results working out form home. Whether they want to lose weight, or whether they are worried about losing their gains, or gaining muscle. But the truth is, it is 100% possible to see real results at home.
You might be surprised to realize that there are a lot of things laying around you house that can double as workout equipment. For example, a backpack or shopping bags can be loaded with weights, allowing you to use your backpack as an additional weight during squats. Another great household item, is using towels as sliders. You can use towels to assist with core work, hamstrings, and pushups.
But if you are willing to invest some money, there are six things, that add up to as little as $200, that you can add to your home gym to give you results.
The first thing you’ll want to invest in is a powder coated kettlebell heavy enough for rows, squats, lunges, and other kettlebell exercises. Since a kettlebell will be your primary piece of equipment, ideally, you would want to invest in two kettlebells of different weight. A 25 to 35 pound kettlebell that is heavy enough to provide real weight to help build that muscle. A heavier kettlebell is a better investment, than one, two, or three pound dumbbells.
Of course, with Coronavirus still effecting supply and demand across the nation, it can be difficult to find exercise equipment right now. While stores and online are slowly stocking back up, if you are in the Seattle area, I have an awesome tip for exercise equipment.
Giant Lifting, located in Bonney Lake, has an awesome discount if you’re local to the Seattle area. Through their website, they have a pickup option that discounts your equipment 25%. So if you’re buying a 35 pound kettlebell for $72, it discounts down to $54 with a pickup.
The second item you should add to your home gym is resistant, or strength bands, a full-length tube, without handles. These are great for shoulder health and can aide in pull aparts, face pulls, and assist with exercises like assisted pull-ups, and hamstring curls. You’ll want to aim to have several different sizes ranging from 5 to 35 pounds. These are also available via Giant Lifting, so you can add them to the 25% off option.
I also think that a yoga block is super valuable to add to your home studio. Not only is it great for yoga, but you can also use it for adding elevation and creating a deeper range of motion in your workouts. Exercises like elevated push-ups, lunges, etc., can help you get a bit deeper into the movement.
A yoga block will help you get a full range of motion, and more stretch under load. In addition to using it as a support for your exercises, it’s really helpful to elevate your hips and adjust your alignment while doing breath work. As a Lululemon Ambassador, I love the quality of their yoga blocks. The Lululemon blocks are three inch blocks, whereas some get to be a bit bigger, when you don’t need that much elevation.
Additionally, you should invest in a high quality yoga mat. Having a yoga mat you can take with you anywhere allows you to create a space to work out in, and will protect both the surface you’re working out on, as well as your body.
And the quality of your yoga mat is important. You can easily find one at Target, but often these will break down and fall apart sooner than later. While an $88 yoga mat from Lululemon may sound expensive, think of it as an investment. A good yoga mat can last years and be something you don’t have to replace very often. Your knees will also thank you for a high quality mat.
The fifth piece of equipment you should invest in, is mini bands, or as they are usually know, booty bands. While bands are often used with glutei and hip work, they are a great investment for many reasons. For runners, it can help improve your mobility and activate your glutes. You can also use mini bands for shoulder work.
For example: placing your hands between the mini bands, place your hands against the wall, reach up to the right, and reach up to the left. It helps improve your shoulder mobility and strength.
Mini bands come in several different varieties, depending on what you’re looking for. I tend to prefer the ones made of fabric, as they are less likely to roll down, or cause discomfort. But, depending on your needs, rubber mini bands work great for most needs. I love these SLKZ mini bands you can get on Amazon.
Finally, a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym is a foam roller. Foam rollers, are great for recovery, but they have several other uses. A great exercise you can use a foam roller for is hack squats. You can use the foam roller between your back and the wall, to assist your range of motion. The best part is that these are super affordable. They are on Amazon for as low as $16 and have so many valuable uses.
While it can be hard to feel like you’re getting the same quality workout at home, this arsenal of equipment is a great starter kit. Obviously, depending on your goals, you want to get into the gym and use as much equipment as you can, but this will definitely hold you over for those days when you can’t make it into the gym.

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