The "Road Trip" Approach To Sustainable Weight Loss

nutrition Sep 20, 2021
Losing weight is a lot like a road trip.
You gotta have everything squared away before embarking on the long journey.
Which means, your body might not be ready to lose weight.
And I’ll tell you why...
Imagine you’re heading to a picturesque National Park like Joshua Tree and you’re pumped.
You’ve been wanting to go for years.
But first you need to check all the boxes.
Right off the bat, you need a reliable vehicle with the tire pressure, brakes, and oil checked.
Then you need to make sure you slept well the night before.
Next you need your snacks and water dialed in so you don’t starve or become dehydrated.
You’ll probably need to make a killer playlist filled with all the hottest Kygo, Bieber, & Drake tracks so you have good vibes in the car.
Maybe you load up a good crime podcast or audiobook to listen to.
Ideally you’ve got your best friend riding shotgun.
Odds are you have Google Maps pulled up so you don’t get lost.
And last, but not least…
You’ve got a full tank of gas.
I’m talking 3 shakes and holding the dripping petroleum above to tank for a full 10 seconds.
Now you’re ready!
So how is this related to weight loss?
Your body is your vehicle and you can’t have it breaking down on you in the gym.
Sleeping well is crucial for optimal cell function and a lack of sleep makes dieting a nightmare.
Adequate hydration and smart snack choice plays a huge role in managing cravings.
That playlist that gives you good vibes is a mindfulness practice to keep your mind focused and positive when you get down.
Self development podcasts and books help rewire your mind.
Your best friend riding shotgun represents your social environment and the support they provide (or don’t).
A coach guides you back on track when you inevitably hit a roadblock.
And last, but not least…
You’ve spent time filling up your metabolic tank so that you are dieting at a sustainable level.
Trying to lose weight without these boxes checked is like filling up your tank with 5 dollars, grabbing a couple 7-Eleven taquitos, and hitting the road on 3 hours of sleep.
Dieting at 1,200 calories is the equivalent of having 5 dollars in the tank with 400 miles to go.
You’ll crash and burn 20 miles down the road and have to go back to the 7-Eleven and start again.
If you’re still reading this approach and the corresponding frustration probably sounds familiar.
Most people don’t take the time to make sure they’re ready for the long road trip that is a weight loss journey.
To add to that.
If you have a really long journey, you’ll need to stop more often which means taking breaks from dieting.
The longer you go without a break, the harder each mile or pound becomes.
If you are interested in how to set up the best road trip ever, let’s hop on a call.

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