What Sharks Can Teach Us About Binge Eating

nutrition Sep 20, 2021
The biggest reason people get anxious with their diet around holidays, weddings, and weekends?
...they don’t understand how nutrition ACTUALLY impacts their body.
Don't believe me? Then consider this...
Sharks are TERRIFYING…
I used to spook myself every time I was in the ocean.
I would feel a bit of kelp and convince myself that I was INCHES away from certain death.
Six seconds later, I’ve swam 40 yards to shore and I’ve qualified for the Olympic games.
I know people that won’t even go in the ocean because their fear response has them convinced it’s a life and death situation.
...but this irrational fear creates an irrational response.
How so?
Humans kill 100 million sharks a year.
Sharks killed 10 humans.
Logically, this seems like a crazy reason to not enjoy one of the coolest parts of our planet.
But fear isn’t logical.
The truth is, when you don’t understand something...
... you swing your defensive pendulum to the opposite direction.
Because that’s the only way to prevent the thing you fear.
But here’s the inevitable truth.
Pendulums get heavier each day.
They are a binge bomb waiting to explode.
So let’s bring this back to your diet.
You fear losing your progress with your body composition.
So much so… that you look at “bad foods” and try to resist.
Only to binge and punish yourself for days.
The antidote?
Educate yourself to what truly makes the scale go up or down.
Learn what causes you to feel great and what makes you feel like an ass.

Drinking and eating pizza 7 nights in a row is as inadvisable as slapping the tallywacker of a great white.

...but knowing how to moderate and get back on track is what allows you to ride the waves.

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